Predire establishes operations in Shanghai, China

Predire was founded in Svängsta, Sweden, in 1995, since when we have progressively expanded our operations to both Gothenburg in Sweden, and to Germany. In 2013, we took a huge leap when we established a new test centre in Shanghai. Our Chinese test centre now features three large chambers in the main hall, one of which is large enough to hold a complete vehicle. Here, we can simulate natural conditions from pretty much all parts of the globe – including the ageing of mechanical parts, car panels and installations. We do this to check how well a component or a system works – not just here and now, but also several years into the future – to guard against the risk of having to recall a specific batch of cars, for example. Recalling products is costly in more than one respect, and can have a severely negative impact on the image of a brand. Companies are naturally keen to avoid such drastic measures, which is why there is need for the type of equipment we have purchased for our newest test centre in China.