Analysis Lab & Metallurgical Testing

In our analysis laboratory we take and test metallurgical testing samples regularly to verify that a production run or process is functioning satisfactorily.

Verifying and analysing the production set-up that is actually running is an important part of the quality assurance work. Within the automotive industry, Predire does a lot of work with leading manufacturers of bodywork in aluminium and sheet steel, for example. For these products, we help verify welded and soldered joints to check that the procedures have been carried out correctly. Verifications and analyses are primarily focused on determining whether there are any weaknesses in the production set-up – and if so, where – and then establishing what is causing them as early as possible in the production phase

Material Lab Verifications

  • Calibration
  • ​Image analysis
  • ​Weld analysis
  • ​Soldering and brazing analysis
  • ​Self Pierce Riveted (SPR) Joints Analysis
  • ​Clinch joint analysis
  • ​Digital photo documentation
  • ​Surface roughness test
  • ​Penetrant testing​ (NDT)
  • ​Particle analysis​​

Surface Verifications

  • Corrosion tests
  • Surface carbon analysis
  • ​Climate chamber tests
  • ​Coating thickness measurement
  • ​Salt spray test
  • ​Blistering​ test
  • ​Adhesion tests​Scab​Corrosion test​

Water Analyses

  • ​pH-value
  • Conductivity
  • ​Metals​

Oil Verifications

  • FT-IR analysis
  • ​Particle count
  • ​Oil film on metal sheets
  • ​Hydraulic oil analysis
  • ​Viscosity
  • ​Density
  • ​Corrosion and discoloration test on sheet metals​​

Glue Analyses

  • ​Viscosity
  • Adhesion tests
  • ​Shear tests
  • ​Heat-ageing test​

Common Chemical Analyses

  • pH-value
  • Concentration​ determination
  • ​Conduktivity​ determination.
  • ​Digital photo documentation
  • ​Alloying elements in metal​
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