Corrosion & Vibration Test

Testing systems is a cost-efficient process and provides a more finely coordinated image of how the various components interact.

Making sure that entire systems and components function as intended is a crucial part of the production development phase. A common feature of all the tests we perform is our focus on assuring the quality: Does the product meet consumer demands? Requirements from the authorities? Sector requirements? There are often numerous parameters that must all align. Testing isn’t just about safety, it also has to do with saving costs. If we identify a problem early in the development or production phase, we can help you deal with it before the product is released onto the market – thus avoiding a problematic product recall.

As an independent and accredited test centre, we perform quality assurance on the product and run tests to ensure it meets every imaginable requirement in an impartial and trustworthy manner. Even though our development over the years has given us a particularly strong skill set in the automotive area, we run tests and samples for most industries. If you need to run quality assurance on any of your products, give us a call and we’ll work with you to find the best possible solution.

System- och komponenttester

  • Klimat- och miljösimulering
  • Media resistance
  • Klimatsimulering
  • Solsimulering
  • Korrosionsprovning
  • Vibration- och chockprovning
  • Gnissel och gnek
  • IP-klassificering
  • Stressprovning
  • Bränslesystemprovning
  • Livscykelsprovning
  • Komfortprovning
  • Airbag sprängtest
  • Hållbarhetsprovning
  • Akustikprovning
  • Elektronikprovning

Flera av dessa tester kan kombineras med olika typer av klimatpåverkan.

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